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Visit The United Arab Emirates – This tiny nation in the Persian Gulf is home to the world’s tallest building, some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, and a blend of tradition and innovation that is nearly impossible to find elsewhere. The amazing reasons to go to the UAE are found in each emirate, all of which provide their own distinct experiences, and due to air charter availability, there are now more ways than ever to visit.

A trip to the UAE is a trip to a wonderland, without exaggeration. This is a place where a fairy tale becomes a reality, and warm weather all year round will allow you to relax and feel comfortable.

Here skyscrapers rise above the cities. In between, you can visit magnificent Arabian-style sites and enjoy the stunning architecture. Do not forget to pay a visit to traditional markets, mosques, palaces. Everything here is pervaded with Arabian culture. The way traditions and modern technologies are combined here can’t but impress. It is worth visiting this country at least once in your life to feel all that.


When you visit the United Arab Emirates, everything is permeated in luxury and wealth. If you need luxurious holidays, oriental exoticism, a variety of entertainment – you definitely must visit the Emirates. There are thousands of reasons why you should choose this country for your very best vacation.

#1. Safety & Security

The UAE is the safest Arab country. And this is not even because the police work well. The Emirates is a country with a high standard of living, a stable political and economic situation. Here you can safely walk at night even in the darkest alleys.

The UAE is completely safe for travelers, actually, pickpocketing is almost never found. This is facilitated by local laws, which are very strict for crimes of any kind. The police are tourist-friendly, and their function is not only to make your holidays secure but to explain the peculiarities of Arab society as well.

There is no malaria in the UAE, and in general, there is no need to do any special vaccinations or prophylaxis before the trip. We do not take into account the current situation with the coronavirus. Safety and security when you visit the United Arab Emirates on your vacation in the Emirates will be at the highest level. Feel free to go to this place!

#2. The superior hotel service

The hotel service in the country is one of the best in the world. Everyone has heard about it. And the concentration of deluxe hotels here is so solid that the UAE is hardly associated with anything else than recreation for VIP: excellent service, interior decoration, food and, of course, price. Be ready to pay a nice sum. Perhaps you will not find something like this anywhere else in the world.

Guests of expensive hotels in the UAE should not use a taxi: transfers to the airport, shopping and excursions are performed either by helicopter or in luxury limousines with a personal driver. You may also feel comfortable driving a luxury car by renting it. These services are offered by local companies and and can also be coordinated by Tafari Safaris. You just need to have the required sum and an international driver’s license.

#3. Leisure

This is a paradise for fans of active pastime. There is a huge selection of entertainment for literally every taste: sightseeing tours, desert safaris, hot air balloon flights, visits to palaces and mosques, and numerous museums. And more exotic ones – such as a jeep safari in the desert, sandboarding (boarding on the sand), swimming with sharks.

Aristocratic entertainment is also presented here – yachting, golf, camel racing, night helicopter flights, riding exclusive Ferrari models in Abu Dhabi and many other interesting and exciting things. The resorts have a large concentration of water parks, dolphinariums, zoos and other pleasure. In general, you and your companions will not be bored here.

#4. Climate and beach vacation

A great beach rest at any time of the year is guaranteed to you. This is facilitated by the subtropical climate of the United Arab Emirates. Enjoying the gentle sun and lying on the sand is more comfortable in winter. From early October to early May, the average air temperature is 25 ̊C. You can swim in the sea at any time of the year, and the hotel’s swimming pools are heated. Summer in a fairyland is hot and humid. Therefore, locals are rescued by air conditioning, which is everywhere: hotels, shopping centres, most beach recreation areas, even souvenir shops in the market are equipped with air conditioning.

The beaches on the coast are white sandy, and most importantly, clean. The first line hotels in the UAE offer vacationers private beaches with excellent infrastructure: sun loungers, umbrellas, bars, rental of equipment for water sports. The quality of the city beach is not much inferior to the private one. The main difference is in the volume of additional services and the number of tourists.

#5. Attractions

People from all countries visit the United Arab Emirates to see man-made masterpieces. The Emirates has something that is not found anywhere else in the world. For instance, one of the most famous landmarks is the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa (more than 800 m high); the world’s largest indoor all-year-round ski resort Ski Dubai; the man-made Palm Islands (in the form of palm trees), which are visible even from space and are the Centre of tourism in the Persian Gulf. Keep in mind to visit the famous Golden Souk Dubai, to enjoy The Dubai Fountain – the world’s largest musical fountain show, to look into the aquarium in the Dubai Mall – the largest aquarium in the world. Nevertheless, you will hardly be able to see everything in one trip.

The United Arab Emirates is a place that will surprise everyone. For the relatively short time that it has existed, this amazing country has managed to become a dream of many tourists. You will definitely find something to do here for your soul and budget when you visit the United Arab Emirates. But whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed! And do not forget to treat yourself to haute cuisine from top chefs in the best restaurants. For more information: Please contact us on email [email protected] or phone +256700830807 | +256787599052

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