Tafari Safaris is one of Uganda’s leading tour operators and destination management companies, specialized in providing quality, individualized private and group tour services within the region. We share our love for Africa by creating unforgettable travel experiences which reflect our care and respect for the destination and its people. With sustainability as a guiding principle at the core of our business, we develop creative and innovative products based on local knowledge and an understanding of the global market.

Our core business is designing and executing full-scale tour services and packages for our clients, meeting your needs throughout the process and representing your brand on ground. Building meaningful and long-lasting partnerships is important to us, built on trust and our full support to provide you with all the tools and services required to boost your business and the tourism industry within our destinations.

What does a travel agency do? You will almost definitely have heard of travel agencies if you have ever booked a holiday or have an interest in the tourism industry. But what exactly is a travel agency, and what do they do? At Tafari Safaris, as part of our tour services, We try to keep up to date with safety information for various destinations. We do plenty of research meaning we can tell customers about the best places to go, what they can do while they’re there, what documents they need for safari and so on.

We offer a range of services, which can be broadly divided into the following categories

  • Special interest safaris
  • Air safaris
  • Incentive travel
  • Group safaris
  • Custom safaris for individual travelers
  • Camping safaris (luxury & budget).
  • Active adventures for adrenaline-seeking travelers

Tour Services – Safety, according to global standards, is always our priority. In case anything happens on the road, we provide 24/7 Backoffice assistance, and with our destination-wide network we are always able to offer quick solutions to whichever unexpected event may occur. However, prevention is key, which is why we have a dedicated team that is able to interpret safety risks when needed, audit vehicles, activities and lodges, and can provide tailored advice considering your company policies and the local travel advisories from your source market. In addition, we offer the following tour Services:

  • Product Development

With a team representing diverse cultures, we possess a global understanding of tourism requirements and expectations. Our guidance extends to finding the perfect balance of activities and travel pace, selecting lodges that align with your standards and price expectations, and catering to special interests within your itineraries. We take pride in crafting exceptional experiences for our partners and are open to co-creating innovative regional products with you.

tour services
  • Conceptual Itineraries

For those seeking to go beyond the typical tourist attractions we excel in designing conceptual itineraries centered around specific ideologies, special interests, or travel styles. Examples of these itineraries include empowering all-female tours that support women’s initiatives and are led by female tour guides. we offer tours with a strong focus on wildlife conservation and making a positive social and environmental impact through mindfully selected activities.

safari acomodation
  • Accommodation Selection

We  handpick the finest accommodation choices within our destinations. Our top priority is to provide a high level of service and ensure a comfortable stay, regardless of the budget range. We have a preference for intimate and small-scale lodges situated in exceptional locations, allowing us to deliver the ultimate African experience. we guarantee that every aspect of your stay reflects our commitment to excellence and customer service.

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  • Ground Handling

We take pride in meticulously customizing your trip, ensuring the best route and matching your clients with the perfect guide. With us, you can trust that your itinerary will be flawlessly planned and executed. In an effort to as a comprehensive travel planning service to ensure a smooth journey we employ robust and well-maintained vehicles for all our trips. Our guides are well-versed in handling these vehicles, providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for your clients.

knowledgable safari guides Uganda
  • Knowledgable Guides

Our tour guides possess the expertise and insights necessary to deliver exceptional experiences to our valued clients. Our guides are well-equipped to showcase the beauty, culture, and natural wonders of East Africa, while promoting sustainable and responsible tourism practices. we believe that a well-trained guide enhances the overall travel experience, offering valuable insights, ensuring safety, and creating meaningful connections with local communities.

environment conservation uganda
  • Sustainable Support

We understand the importance of preserving the environment, protecting wildlife, and respecting local communities. Our knowledgeable team is committed to advising you on the best practices to ensure that your clients can travel responsibly and make a positive impact on the destinations they visit. sustainable tourism is the key to preserving the beauty and cultural heritage of our destinations. Join Tafari Safaris in promoting responsible travel.


  • We offer personalized tour services as we take a limited number of clients per group and per vehicle.
  • We tailor-make safari packages according to the client’s taste.
  • Round clock 24 hours a day, 365 days per year for any emergency assistance our clients may need.
  • We consider the Utmost health, safety, comfort, and enjoyment to clients in all our safaris.
  • Our word is the Bond on all our promises.
  • We take full responsibility for all our clients from arrival to departure.
  • Our guides are full of knowledge and experience and are all Bilingual – guaranteeing you quality safaris.
  • We are equipped with state-of-the-art communication equipment and also guides are in constant contact with the office as they have to update on daily basis.
  • We provide community-based tourism packages with a combination of wildlife safari, beach holiday, Mount hiking, walking safari, boat safari, canoeing, horse riding, fishing, nature walk, cultural experience, homestay, local food in a sustainable manner.
  • In providing tour services, All our vehicles are fitted with first aid kits for any basic first aid in emergencies.

With Tafari Safaris Tour Services, you can rest assured that every aspect of your travel experience is carefully taken care of, from meticulous planning to responsive support when needed. Let us create unforgettable journeys for your clients while ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience throughout. Get in Touch with Us via Email: [email protected] or Phone : +256700830807 | +256787599052